• Two-component mixerBuilt for 3M Germany and used in dental practices.
  • Crane ConstructionA Mini drive releases the brake for the wind-release system.
  • Adjustment systems for operating tablesOur worm gear sets provide high precision, quiet running and long service life.
  • AGVsA LinearChain 40PSR, driven by a Compacta AG160 is used as drive unit for the elevating platform.
  • Tracking of Fresnel solar collectorsOur drives make several thousand tracking movements a day for optimum energy yield.
  • Conveyor systemsPlanetary gears in drum motors drive conveyor belts and rollers.
  • Drive shaft for electric carsThis driveshaft, manufactured for Continental, is applied in electric cars.
  • The Caravan MoverA spindle drive swivels the Caravan Mover in front of the vehicle’s tires.
  • Façade adjustment systemsRack and pinion drives adjusting extensive façade elements and sunblinds.
  • Dosing pumps and chemical plantsOur worm gear sets are used in dosing pumps and systems for the chemical and petrochemical industry.
  • Industrial furnacesLinearChains are used for the insertion and removal of charges.
  • Worm gear units for motorized motion railsMaximum accuracy is required for post-operative movement of the shoulder.
  • Adjustment unit for tractorsOur drive unit adjusts the desired transmission.
  • Stair liftThis unit developed for Thyssen, contains three drives for different movements plus controls.
Two-component mixer1 Crane Construction2 Adjustment systems for operating tables3 AGVs4 Tracking of Fresnel solar collectors5 Conveyor systems6 Drive shaft for electric cars7 The Caravan Mover8 Façade adjustment systems9 Dosing pumps and chemical plants10 Industrial furnaces11 Worm gear units for motorized motion rails12 Adjustment unit for tractors13 Stair lift14



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Framo Morat has been producing gears, worm gear sets and drive solutions for over 100 years. Originating in „GearValley“ in the Black Forest region, they are proudly „Made in Germany.“ In addition to our standard product line, we design and implement a wide variety of customized drive solutions. Our comprehensive product range covers a broad range of applications. Founding Framo Morat, Inc. is a major milestone for us. Being close to our customers is important to us. Our company‘s commitment to service includes everything from development and design engineering to production and installation and after-sales support. We are your reliable and experienced partner for each stage. We look forward to the excitement of sharing in your tasks and challenges—talk to us!

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